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Ledgers For Purchases & Creditors

ABM’s Purchases/Creditors Ledger allows you to create purchase requisitions for approval to be converted to purchase orders. The purchase workflow; Requisitions – Orders – Delivery – Invoicing, is fully supported with analysis reporting.

ABM comes with a range of standard reports. Reports such as outstanding orders, re-order reports and future payments report, are all designed to help master the management of cash flows.

Processing ease
Place orders based on past requisitions through the ‘suggest order’ function which examines previous product purchases. A Reorder wizard assists by setting up methods for estimating future stock levels and for suggesting quantities when placing a new order in the system. For flexibility, create your own style of purchase documents through Microsoft Word or Crystal Report Writer and import it into ABM.

Set up your default settings for trading terms and prompt payment discounts within the supplier groups or change on a supplier-by-supplier basis. ABM also allows you to add any additional pieces of information to supplier accounts.

ABM also handles…

  • currency for foreign suppliers
  • email or print purchase orders
  • central billing
  • standard purchasing accounts per supplier
  • active/inactive prospects tracking
  • order tracking


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