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Advanced Business Manager (ABM) Warehouse Transfer Video

I have worked with many ERPs and business software products in the past. What was most notable for me when I started using ABM (Advanced Business Manager) version 9 and upwards, was the Warehousing module.

This module allows not just simple bin management like many of our competitors, but rather it caters to warehouses, with rows, and racks, and bins, etc. Just like in the real world. And it is all packaged within a neat interface to visually see and manage stock wherever they are.

Have a quick look at this short video I made, to see if this module will solve your inventory location and stock level problem.

In addition to this ABM module, we also offer various scanning solutions for receiving stock, picking stock, and counting stock. Stock levels can be managed through an array of solutions like our stock wizard which looks at sales history, min and max levels, open orders coming in and going out as well as simple Excel linked importing and exporting functionality.

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