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Cin7 Integrates With QuickBooks 2

Cin7 Integrates with QuickBooks Enterprise

Original article from Cin7 Website

Cin7 now integrates with QuickBooks Enterprise, accommodating businesses that have outgrown their entry-level accounting solution.

QuickBooks Enterprise is desktop-based software for SMBs that need more than basic functionality and that prefer to maintain their accounting solution on-premise, not in the cloud.

The solution is designed to make it easy for growing businesses to scale from 1 to 30 users without giving up control over user access. Enterprise supports hundreds of thousands of users, items, and vendors, six times the capacity of more basic QuickBooks products.

QuickBooks Enterprise includes reporting, finances, sales, customers, payroll, employee and other features.

The Benefits of Cin7 to QuickBooks Enterprise Users

Cin7 is made to meet the demands of today’s multi-channel business.

Cin7 gives QuickBooks Enterprise users the flexibility and functionality to track and control stock at every point of their supply chain without the need to invest heavily in adding, testing, and maintaining integrations their on-premise accounting solution.

Cin7’s built-in POS, B2B eCommerce and warehouse functionality, along with its 120+ integrations to eCommerce platforms, online marketplaces, big box retailers (EDI), and 3PL providers make Cin7 an ideal complement to the QuickBooks Enterprise user.

How Cin7 Works With QuickBooks Enterprise

With Cin7, Enterprise users can:

  • Upload Cin7 Purchase Orders to QuickBooks Enterprise as bills.
  • Add Cin7 Sales Orders to Quickbooks Enterprise as invoices.
  • Match customer and vendor details from the Cin7 CRM module with QuickBooks Enterprise, adding new contact information for any that do not yet exist in QuickBooks.
  • Add credit notes from Cin7 to QuickBooks Enterprise.
  • Import supplier credit notes from Cin7 to QuickBooks Enterprise
  • Add adjustments to increase or decrease inventory asset/SOH account using journals for customers using the perpetual accounting method.
  • Import invoices from Cin7 to multiple sales accounts.
  • Import cost of goods sold from Cin7
  • Update purchases and sales in Cin7 with payment status from QuickBooks Enterprise.
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