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Xero is an online accounting system for small- to medium-sized businesses. Cin7 automatically updates Xero with your latest purchases, sales, and inventory values while gaining clear, actual landed costs and gross profit reports.


Integrating your Xero account with Cin7’s comprehensive inventory management solution helps businesses stay focused on the things that matter most by dramatically reducing administration time. Cin7 automatically updates your Xero account with your latest purchases, sales, and inventory values, so you can clearly see landed costs and gross profit reports.

  • Accurately track stock value. When items are sold, cost of goods are generated per order. These are loaded into Xero, to maintain an overall stock value.
  • Accurately track landed costs. Cin7 factors in exchange rates, duty, and freight when items are in stock. This makes for an accurate cost of goods and gross profit once goods are sold.
  • Reduce data entry requirements and eliminate input errors. Cin7 exports sales orders, purchase orders, credit notes, stock adjustments, COGS and contacts to Xero. This saves you time entering data and eliminates human error.
  • Current and historic sales reports by branch. Cin7’s reporting is interactive and allows filtering and drill down. Cin7 provides you with detailed reports that are not available in Xero.
  • Batching of POS daily payments and eCommerce sales. Cin7 batches payments together when closing POS registers at the end of the day. This means only one invoice per payment is imported into Xero, making reconciliation easy.
  • Multi-currency selling and purchasing. Cin7 supports all major currencies for selling and purchasing. If an item is purchased in a foreign currency, Cin7 allows you to maintain the exchange rate to meet your requirements.
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