Install and Activate Cin7 Core Automation Bots in in just a Couple of Clicks!

Cin7 Bots

Eliminate manual and routine Cin7 tasks by installing Automation Bots.

Make some of your routine and manual tasks in Cin7 go away even faster by simply installing automation Bots in your Cin7 account!

Now you can install Automation Bots in your Cin7 account in a couple of clicks. With Automation Bots, you can eliminate tasks for daily batch e-commerce payment tasks, sending sales emails, and retail branch replenishment. 

How to add Automation Bots to your account

  1. Log in to Cin7 as an Administrator.
  2. In the left navigation pane, click App Store.
  3. Select Cin7 Apps, and click Automation Bots.
  4. Click “Request App Installation”.
  5. Give your Bots a name, and click Install.

Automation Bots will be automatically added to your account. Note: To set up Inter-company Bots, please contact Customer Support.

How to set up Automation Bots
Once installed, look for the Automation Bots link under Admin in the left navigation pane. Follow the links for how to set up the Batch Ecommerce Order Bot, Sales Order Email Bot, and the Branch Replenishment Bot.
Again, please contact Customer Support if you need Inter-Company Bots.