Dear Systems Training #1

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How to setup product feeds between Shopify or WooCommerce and Dear Systems

  1. Setting to update Category / Brand <-> Dear / WooCommerce
  2. Setting to change QTY globally or individually
  3. Never change too much in WooCommerce (Dear will handle that)
  4. Descriptions can be pulled from WooCommerce and update Dear
  5. Leave the pretty interface changes and images for the web-developer
  6. Dear’s Product Descriptions and SKUs can be changed but needs to be manually synced to WooCommerce.
    1. Via the item self
    2. Via the integration interface
    3. Qty and Price changes happens automatically
    4. Push Qty and Price changes to WooCommerce

The benefits of integrating Dear Systems with WooCommerce and/or Shopify

  1. Stock levels are automatically updated from DEAR systems to WooCommerce and/or Shopify
  2. DEAR inventory then allows online orders to be Picked, Packed, Shipped and Fulfilled
  3. Order information can be synced with your shipment applications to create manifest
  4. Dear inventory then sync inventory costs and movements to Xero or Quickbooks
  5. This means one integrated/centralised inventory management to manage all channels of sales
A list of the types of data that are exchanged between Dear Systems and Shopify and/or WooCommerce
  1. Downwards -> Orders and additional charges
  2. Both ways of making payments (setting)
  3. Both ways of new products (setting)
  4. Upwards -> DEAR to WooCommerce/Shopify stock quantities
  5. Downwards -> Customers
An example of what happens when you integrate
  1. The existing products can be downloaded from WooCommerce or Shopify, or listed/uploaded from DEAR
  2. Each sale from WooCommerce/Shopify will first go into Pending Sales, where stocks will be allocated
  3. Consolidation of online sales for the day can be enabled (settings)
  4. Changes to stock levels are pushed from DEAR SYSTEMS back to WooCommerce / Shopify
It is important to take note of what does not integrate
  1. Stock quantities are not imported automatically from WooCommerce to DEAR and need to be set in DEAR.
  2. It is recommended to ensure the quantities are the same on both platforms before you start.
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