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Gordon Walsh
July 2020

I was so frustrated with our Point of sales system; it just took forever to print a simple receipt.
Our most loyal clients ended up not coming to our store because it took about 45 seconds to complete a quick sales transaction, or they just left without a receipt. Even then, the problem remained because then the next client had to wait. It was a bit of a nightmare, and an embarrassment, to say the least.

My normal computer(hardware) guy looked at the issue, and he couldn’t figure it out. We looked at all the different computer settings, a few network settings and even the physical cables. On top of that, we also reinstalled and re-configured the printer software and their drivers, as well as a few additional settings only IT guys know about. It still did not work, and it was still prolonged.

Software4Business came in, and after careful investigation, Hanno found the problem. The issue was a “Not so obvious checkbox for reference numbers” in our ERP / inventory management software. Someone checked it a few months prior, and it made the receipt numbers increment from 1 onwards until it found an empty spot for allocation. So from number one up to where ever we were, which at and this stage was about 65000 the POS reference numbers just ran through all those numbers to see if it was available for every transaction we processed.

The slow speed now made perfect sense because the system was getting slower by the day, and it accumulated over many months. Hanno from Software4Business helped us out of our misery with just one quick tick and a check.

This enabled us to skip the lengthy chit-chats we had to have with our customers because we had to wait for the receipt to print. A small little setting allowed us to get back to our business. That small little setting improved our work efficiency and increased revenue.

We are again able to help our clients on the shop floor, print their receipts quicker, and they can get in and out with lightning speed. That little setting Hanno changed have given back our staff a sense of effectiveness, of accomplishment, and it meant higher profits for the business. It might sound like a stupid little thing but changing that checkbox was literally life-changing for us at Pottsville Hardware.

We have our lives back because Hanno was able to figure it out.
I just had to give him a call and thank him.
Thank you so much, Hanno, we love to tell the story to each client, and they are all noticing the difference.
Onwards and upwards. Don’t hesitate to ever ask for a reference; using Software4Business is worth every penny.

Gordon Walsh
Pottsville Hardware
0418 662 556

From Months Of Embarrassment To Instant Excitement In 10 Seconds Flat.
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