Why is Cin7 such a great solution?

Software4Business is a proud Cin7 Business partner
We are Cin7 Business Partners

Cin7 offers the world’s most integrated inventory at a fraction of standard ERP prices. Cin7 offers advanced software features. That is why thousands choose it.

We spport retail and wholesale clients with the Cin7 technology to optimize their inventory, control costs and maximize margins. We implement Cin7.

With Cin7 you can automate orders and manage inventory from HQ, a branch, online or from wherever you store inventory.

Cin7 is packed with large scale enterprise features, which help you manage your business effectively while saving your time and money. Contact Software4Business today to find out more about Cin7 and see how we can help your business grow.​

But what exactly is CIN7? 

Cin7 is cloud-based inventory management and point of sale software with various beautiful and useful features including:

Advanced Inventory management

If you hate updating old spreadsheets and find it difficult to get stock information that is accurate and readily available, then look no further. Cin7’s inventory feature will simplify your business and employee’s lives. Cin7’s inventory management feature makes it a lot easier to run your business and sell the stock.

The module allows for flexible control, and full visibility while keeping checks and balances on demand and supply in check. Accurate costing ensures that you know the profitability and actual costs of all sales. And while your competitors might be overstocked, Cin7’s Inventory planning feature provides just the right mix of data to optimize stock and minimize waste.

To make it even easier, Cin7 fully allows you to switch on barcodes, serial number tracking, bill of material components and bundles. Tracking and controlloing stock has never been easier as it also allows for consignment, dropshipping and return management.

Additional inventory management features like COGS (cost of goods sold), GST, as well as landed cost works out of the box. A dashboard with overview information and a e-commerce and accounting sync will make any manager smile. But what is a system without proper insight and reporting? With Cin7, you get real-time, role-based and live insight and extensive customizable reports. But don’t stop there, everyone knows all good systems has custom fields, and that has not been neglected.

Retail POS Software

Not many systems offer a unified solution to a complex problem. But Cin7 does. Cin7 ties all your channels into one platform, and its user-interface is very easy to use. What Cin7’s streamline and synced POS solution offer is updated stock information in all locations. This prevents stock-outs and improves customer retention, even allowing stock transfers between branches.

Cin7 also plays well with others. For instance, it will work with your cash register, receipt printer and barcode scanner whether you are using a PC, tablet or Mac computer. Similarly, returing stock, is a breeze, even if stock was purchased online.

If your store offers customer rewards, then Cin7’s loyalty program and gift cards keep customers coming back to spend more. Similarly, the sales and promotions feature to allow for the automatic calculation of complex discount if and where applicable.

cin7 pos pic
With Cin7 Retail POS, every customer will smile.

Warehouse Mangement

Before using Cin7, customers say it was hard to know what stock were available in their warehouse. Cin7 helps businesses to streamline and account for every item.

And Cin7 is a perfect fit for businesses with a basic warehouse process. Unlike many warehouse management systems that are clunky and overly complicated, Cin7 streamlines orders from all sales channels. This allows bin location assignments and more, setting the stage for more efficient fulfilment.

Cin7’s ERP functionality works out of the box and allows retailers and wholesale businesses to pick thousands of order quickly. In other words, you will optimize inventory and free up space for higher-margin products.

cin7 wh pic
Cin7 is a Smart Warehouse Management Solutions

B2B and B2C e-Commerce Solutions

Give Wholesale Customers and Retail Customer a seamless online experience by making it simple and easy to place orders. Seal every deal by nurturing every opportunity and allowing self-serve options on either your B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Customer) site.

The B2B site comes standard with every Cin7 subscription, and there are various B2C platform options to choose from. This allows for flexible and customized e-commerce solutions. Now is the time to get your business online, and using Cin7’s as your base platform is by far the best we have seen. So call us to and we can show you how to get online quickly. By using a B2C solution like WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce or Neto, you will increase your sales.

Now we can go on and on, about all the wonderful features of Cin7, but rather contact us and we will give you a free demo of how the system works.

Contact us for a Free Demo, to see the following features in action

  • Wholesale
  • Manufacturing and Kitting
  • Quoting
  • Credit Notes
  • Pre-order
  • Branch Transfers
  • Mobile Stocktaking
  • Consignment
  • Rich Product Management
  • Custom Fields
  • Multi-currency Support
  • Backordering
  • Flexible Configuration
  • Batch Importing and Updating
  • Alternative GL and Tax Rates
  • Label Printing
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Barcode Inventory
  • Completely Customisable: custom fields, multi-currency, email template, colour order, complex quote creation, search filters 
  • Xero and Quickbooks online integration
  • Works online and offline- mobile friendly
  • Various mobile-enabled applications like Pick and Pack and Stock Takes

Cin7 also offers advanced software features for the following industries:

  • Fashion & Apparel
  • Food & Beverage
  • Beauty & Cosmetics
  • Electronics & Appliances
  • Furniture & Homeware
  • Car & Automobile

Frequently asked questions

Can Cin7 track accurate costs instead of average costs?

Cin7 is always accurate, never average. It provides the ise cost of goods sold (COGS) that takes into account freight, duty, landed costs and more to ultimately give you true gross profits. Cin7 recalculates COGS for a sales order if landed cost change and posts it to the same period as the sales order.

Can Cin7 offer advanced software features for complex workflows and scale with growth?

As your business grows, the complexity of processes grows with it. Cin7 has a lot of complex workflow functionality already built-in to address your growing needs, saving you time and money that would otherwise be spent to develop solutions from scratch. 

We have to continuously update stock as we sell in multiple channels.

You adjust inventory in multiple spreadsheets and/or software, but over time your inventory levels become inaccurate. CIN7 automatically adjusts inventory as you sell online and in stores, accelerating the fulfillment process, reducing admin and preventing inventory control errors.

Can Cin7 handle advanced software features like different types of customers?

You sell many varieties of products to many kinds of customers. Your current system doesn’t let you allocate inventory intended for each of your B2B and B2C channels. With Cin7, you can allocate stock according to the kind of customer you’re selling to, transfer stock to where it sells best and plan purchases based on historical trends. Easily monitor, control and automate the movement of your inventory from end to end. 

Can Cin7 handle all channels and locations without the custom development that ERPs require?

Indeed. Cin7 built its 450+ integrations to cover most customers’ requirements out of the box. Easily sync data with eCommerce platforms, online marketplaces, accounting solutions, 3PL warehouses, marketing and shipping solutions, and even with retail trading partners. Expansive integration and built-in POS and warehouse features let you manage all your sales channels and stock locations in a single platform without expensive, time-consuming customization.