Changes to improve email delivery from Cin7

Dear Cin7 customers, please take careful note of the changes to improve email delivery from Cin7. A change is due to technology requirements from Cin7, and to ensure that all emails sent by Cin7 on your behalf continue to be delivered to your customers’ and suppliers’ inboxes. 

This change addresses issues reported by a few Cin7 customers that some emails were not being delivered to recipients using Microsoft Outlook.

What do you have to do?

Nothing. This enhancement to Cin7’s email capabilities is behind the scenes. It ensures your emails are delivered to your customers without any issues. 

What’s changing and when?

Starting October 30, 2020, all emails sent from Cin7 will have changes to improve email delivery from Cin7. It will be sent from instead of your own email domain. This will not impact the email’s original “Display Name”, which will continue to reflect the friendly or readable name that you’ve assigned. An example email before the change, and after the change, are as follows:
​​​​​​before after 1 copy
In the above example, when the recipient replies to the email, the reply will be sent to the original display name and email address: Angela Fashion and 

What impact will this have on my customers?

None. Your customers will continue to receive emails from you using your identified “Bulk Email – Default From” email “display name”, ensuring they know it’s from you. To view the delivery status of all your emails, click on the Email Dashboard under Admin in the left navigation panel

Does this change help make Cin7 more secure?  

Yes. Current general data protection regulations being adopted by various countries across the world require all emails sent by an application (such as Cin7) to originate from that given system’s domain address (i.e., By implementing this enhancement, we are putting Cin7’s email delivery system on the path to support these global privacy initiatives.

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