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What a difference Hanno has made


Ashley Gill, TITAN RV

We wanted a more efficient and effective accounting and inventory system to facilitate our move to online sales. We shoved out dates for a year as we were intimidated by the task. Hanno took the time to understand our business. The whole process was smooth and the results were great. Hanno has made a huge difference in such a short amount of time. We would not hesitate to recommend him for any similar projects and would be happy to provide a personal reference.  

Ashley Gill – 0411 163 161

Very impressed


Sam Eastlake, Gallantoro

I like Dear Systems, but we needed more help. I was impressed by Hanno’s knowledge of both the old system I was leaving and the new system I was migrating to. It was important to me that Hanno had a deep understanding of all of this from start to finish. He does. Hanno recommended we add features to the software we pay for that enable us to leverage it. It is nice to know we have and trusted Software4Business, because our previous inventory system was poorly set up by a similar company.

He transformed our hardware store


Gordon Walsh, Pottsvile Hardware Store

I cannot imagine how we would be where we are today without Software4Business. I was amazed at how they transformed our hardware store from a struggling to a strong business! There is no way to overstate how valuable they were to us – if you’d like a reference, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Gordon Walsh – 0418 662 556

Hanno is brilliant



I searched the web on Saturday to find someone who would be able to pick up… (where the previous Integration K!@#$ guys messed up). Hanno is brilliant.

All his clients (and we) praise his work


Peter Vella, Ninos Java

I found Software4Business online, on Google in fact. I phoned some of his clients to ask about him. They praised his work. We phoned Hanno to ask for help as we started to get little annoying errors in Dear. Perfect results. Certainly, contact me if you would like a reference. Peter Vella M-0406 530 104 – Ninos Java

A resounding success.


Rulesh Prasad, Absolute Trade Supplies Pty Ltd

We needed business software that would allow us to grow! As we spun our proverbial wheels, customers came and went. Hanno and the team at Software 4 business studied our needs and suggested Dear Systems as the best fit. With Hanno performing all the heavy lifting before rollover day, the implementation process was painless. In fact, the day we changed systems was very smooth, to the point that we felt comfortable issuing invoices right away. The project has been a resounding success. Rulesh

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