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Dear Systems: Powering the Future of Your Complete Business

The world is changing, and so are the systems that support it. What used to be an organization’s most valuable asset, their ERP system, can now easily be replaced by a cloud ERP system – connecting people around the globe with greater ease than ever before. This means more competition for your business but also more opportunity for you.

How does Dear Systems help you and why do I consider it the future architecture of cloud ERP systems?

Dear Systems, also sometimes known as Dear Inventory is a cloud ERP. The solution helps medium to large size inventory businesses to migrate traditional software away from onsite, on-premise installations to an inventory management software web portal. The fact that it is cloud ERP completely eradicate the need to invest in IT infrastructures like servers and switches. Dear Inventory was originally designed for speed and scalability across branches, warehouses, retail stores, pos software and e-commerce stores.

Dear Systems works great across different industries such as Manufacturing, Wholesale, Distribution, Retail, Food Manufacturing, Brewing, Coffee Roasting, Health and Supplements, Lighting and online stores to name just a few.

In this blog post, we review the pros of how the software can help you with your business and also outlines how we provide the gold standard support to implement this no frills solution for new clients.

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Inventory Management Software Strategically Designed for Increasing Sales.

Consolidate customer information and orders that came in from multiple channels like Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, Email, Phone or B2B into one platform with Dear System’s easy to use order management interface.

  • Configure the order management software to automatically group orders based on location so that you can have more inventory management visibility.
  • Allow customers to order online and sync stock level changes in real-time across the software as it is being sold on.
  • Easily process large volumes of orders through the simple or advanced sales feature and then email or print sales orders.


Join the new era of profitable purchases.

Dear System’s procurement module allows you to make accurate, efficient and proactive purchasing decisions. The software includes features a supplier information page and a financial reporting tab. By simply enabling crucial day-to-day features like purchase orders, approvals, workflow automation, barcode scanning, expiry date management and batch recalls to name a few—based on the reviews, the investment you make now will pay off with the bottom line in no time.

With DEAR Systems, you’ll know when to reorder based on its smart forecasting of sales and purchase history and how much of each product inventory to order. Your product inventory will be managed efficiently as you level out demand, level out overstock, and optimize space utilization.

The suppliers you choose for the future will be based on business intelligence information to manage your stock levels by considering supplier information like purchase histories, suppliers stock lead time, suppliers pricing, pallet break downs and the ability to dropship with tech logistics.


Make smart manufacturing decisions.

With the right data at your fingertips and a powerful bill of materials software, cost-effective manufacturing and inventory control is possible.

Bills Of Material Components

DEAR inventory simplifies the process of creating Bills of Material for complete inventory management and subassemblies, giving you a true picture of raw material costs. The solution also allows easy tracking down errors which can reduce manufacturing cost per unit.

Estimate production costs in seconds

The software gives you full control and cost insights over manufacturing costs and the level of raw material availability. The Finished Goods module in DEAR inventory provides instant visibility into the material order status and production costs as well as the purchase order side of missing components.

Quickly write off damaged or missing inventory

As you are probably aware, most manufacturing processes will have some form of waste. The Write-off feature in Dear enables users to easily write off inventory as lost, stolen, damaged, given away, or used internally. In fact, it can be used for inventory expenditures as well as service-based costs.

Break down bulk items with ease and automated units of measure

The DEAR Systems Disassembly Module within the Production (Manufacturing) software enables you to quickly break down items into their individual parts.

A sale can automatically trigger a production order to manufacture and ship out. Similar to the Microsoft Dynamics Nav app, its assemble and disassemble features makes it easy for every component to get its rightful place in the workroom or in-store location.


Dear Systems is the Key to Great Inventory Management

DEAR systems simplify wholesale product management with the creation of Product Families that have variations of the same product. Each family is assigned a unique SKU that is automatically generated, simplifying the management of extensive product lineups efficiently.

Inventory management is also seamless, thanks to powerful data tools such as the Bill of Material module that helps cost-effective manufacturing when combined with appropriate inventory control.

Manage Multiple Locations in Minutes

Dear Systems can manage stock levels at multi-locations. These locations can be retail stores or warehouses. Warehouses can be assigned Bins, Picking Zones and Logistic Paths.

Bins are a way to create areas for the storage of inventory. Picking zones help with the process of picking and moving products from bins, making it easier for workers to find items in less time. Logistic Paths can be assigned based on warehouse and store rules when loading up an order.

Eliminate data entry errors with the barcode scanner solution

Using DEAR Systems barcode scanning technology will increase the speed and quality of your product pick aspect. This method of identifying the correct inventory reduces human errors and saves time. The system scans the barcode and loads it to the correct picking phase.

Barcode scanning is a great way to make your warehouse more efficient.

  • Scanning barcodes for accurate and fast picking
  • Real-time scanning and loading of inventory when receiving or dispatching.
  • Eliminate the step needed for data entry errors, providing cleaner workflow processes.
  • Interact with the ship functions within the sale option

Be confident in knowing exactly what you have in stock at all times

With Dear, you are able to update inventory levels by using the simple but effective inventory level snapshots function. This function is an automated way of keeping and re-aligning your inventory to actual levels. With Dear, you are able to track both the quantity and value of items on hand at any time.

Learn how and why to use the stock adjustment feature in DEAR

The stock adjustment feature in Dear Systems ERP is a highly beneficial tool that allows you to take inventory differences into consideration. Simply enter the new quantity of an item, and all transactions will be adjusted accordingly, even into your accounting system.

The easiest way to transfer your inventory across multiple locations

If you are an inventory business, you can distribute your inventory across multiple locations and bins in a smooth and easy manner while keeping control of the cost and level by avoiding any inventory surpluses or shortages.

Reduce complex decision making and processes by creating a transfer order and by selecting the “To” location from where you want that stock distributed, add all the product inventory (quantity) before processing the transaction.

Differentiate your business from competitors with a custom tiered pricing model

Dear allows you to differentiate your business from competitors with custom tiered pricing models.

Custom Tiered Pricing Model enables special rates for certain quantities based on customer types. Developing such tiers will help you better compete and never slip up on agreed customer pricing again.

Consider Custom Pricing if your company has any of these challenges:

  • Selling low volume products and want to increase sales through setting individual rates per customers information, per region, per volume of product or service.
  • Need to differentiate services and products, but don’t want to lose the efficiency of a bulk order system or managing customer deposits.
  • Want to increase your profitability by increasing margins without raising prices for all customers.


Accounting Process that is beautiful, streamlined and easy to use.

DEAR will automate your accounting by automatically creating entries and syncing invoices, bills, payments, and more straight into your accounting software.

DEAR eliminate the aspect of double entering accounting data like supplier deposits, processing a credit purchase order, or marking an invoice as paid. This is accomplished by integrating Dear Systems seamlessly with accounting software such as Xero and QuickBooks.

Access the right financial information, at the right time, for faster decision making.

DEAR is the only cloud ERP solution that offers a unique click-through feature that opens the related accounting process document. You will have access to information like Invoices, Purchase Orders, Payments, Inventory, Bills, Purchase Histories, Customers information and so much more.

DEAR will grant you the power to switch between the apps to access all of your most important information with ease. This unique integration has saved our clients time and money.

DEAR uses two different cost accounting methods, namely FIFO and FEFO. Additionally, if you need to keep track of inventory numbers, serial/batch numbers, expiration and storage dates, then these features will be a great addition.

The Easiest Way to Track Your Business’s Actual Costs

Export financial reports at your convenience. DEAR provides easy access to the financial information your business needs via the comprehensive reporting module. Dear has its own accounting solution built-in, but all of our clients make use of a Xero integration.


The only ecommerce store management platform that meets all your needs

Dear is not just an ecommerce store and inventory management solution, it is a comprehensive web portal that offers linkages between all parts of the business operations. It does brilliantly well in connecting your ecommerce store like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and B2B portal to name just a few. No improvement needed.

Automate Order Fulfilment & Save Time

You can automate your Pick, Pack and Ship business operations for each sales channel within DEAR’s centralized platform. From the time the customer order is received to the time it is fulfilled, you can automate the entire process.

Quickly and easily update product information

DEAR simplifies managing high-volume product information across multiple sales channels. With it, your business can update listings and securely publish product information, pricing and images across all ecommerce channels, while seamlessly synchronizing your existing catalogue to manage the quantity available for sale.

Real-time order processing

You can eliminate the inventory control stress of running out of stock. As purchase orders continue to come in, your DEAR platform will seamlessly sync stock level changes for each transaction in real-time across all of your sales channels.

“Don’t let the big guys have all the fun. Let us help!”

Dear Systems allows you to customize the integration to your online store – whether by using options such as configuring stock multipliers, consolidating sales, or determining at which stage the order should be captured and be handed to tech logistics API providers such as Shippit or ShipStation. There are plenty of features, settings and configurations to match your business requirements.

No more delays caused by manual assembly processes

Assemble products using an assembly bill of materials as you sell them through your sales channels. This will ensure that the product is available to all customers with no delays due to manual assembly processes.

Sell products even if they’re out of stock in eCommerce stores

Sell products on eCommerce stores even if they’re out of stock in your warehouses. Inventory updates back into Dear will be automatically synced and orders can be fulfilled with inventory from their sources, such as a third-party supplier.


Empower your B2B customers

Email your customers a B2B portal invite to enable them to place orders online. The web portal will be accessible anytime, anywhere once your customer opens the email and accept the B2B portal invite. They can easily browse your catalogue with their unique pricing and specials.

Dear Systems provide a B2B portal with similar reviews to that of big brand online stores to handle customer order management, show historic invoices, enable customer support and contact information, provide account statements and a friendly re-ordering feature.

Get your own branded B2B platform with multiple catalogues

Software4Business assist retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers grow their businesses by providing them with their very own B2B portal. By then creating multiple product catalogues you have complete control over what you sell and to whom.

How does this benefit you? You can increase turnover by having more than one catalogue or providing different groups of customers access to different types of products so that they get exactly what they want.

Set up a branded B2B portal

Dear’s B2B portal allows you to create a custom menu to enhance your customers’ shopping experience. Furthermore, you can utilize filtering options to enhance the shopping experience, choose from various colour schemes, and even upload your own shopping cart image to make your site stand out from the crowd.

Multiple products ordering view layout editor.

Choose how the product tiles are displayed and whether the quantity is shown on the tile or not. Dear Systems allows you to select how to display additional attributes of the product. Customize your layout to fit the needs of your customers.

Full order management functionality with Pick/Pack/Ship

Orders submitted via the Dear Systems B2B portal by business customers are automatically generated as either authorised Quotes, Orders or Invoices. Fulfilment is controlled using the Pick, Pack and Ship functionality integrated within the Sales module.

The backorder functionality and setting allows B2B owners to sell out-of-stock items on their B2B sites. Additionally, the portal also provides the customer with the option to select their preferred shipping method at the time of checkout.

Save time and money by syncing your accounting online

Sales transactions generated from orders will be recorded in your accounting application when an order is completed. Your accounting package will need to be Xero or Quickbooks. For our Australian customers, we recommend Xero.

Payment options for B2B transactions

Set multiple payment options for your customer’s convenience. Allow customers to use their pre-approved credit account to process their transactions in B2B or accept payments online just as a normal B2C ecommerce store. It just got easier with Dear!

Reorder from previous orders 24/7

Your Business customers can place orders, review order histories, check order status, and reorder from previous orders at any time.

Take advantage of your flexible pricing models.

Set and assign price tiers and discounts to your product portfolio and your buyers for a tailored B2B shopping experience. Include the Original Retail Price (or RRP) for your products. Choose a product family price format while setting the offer price tier per customer.


Never lose a sale again with offline and online sales sync!

The POS to DEAR sync configuration has two options: daily consolidation or no consolidation. You are able to automate the POS fulfilment and simply generate an invoicing. The POS features can also automatically create Assembly Orders for POS sales of Assembly Finished Goods to ensure that stock never runs out. All major payment platforms can be integrated seamlessly. Use advanced barcodes that include embedded data such as GS1, weight-based barcodes and price-based barcodes.

Layby and loyalty points

  • Reward your shoppers with loyalty points to keep them coming back.
  • Use layby to increase sales and customer retention.

Return & Refund Orders Easily

  • Choose to refund the original payment method or add it to their store credit
  • Give clients a reason to shop with you again

Decrease the time spent reconciling and balancing cash

  • Save money and stay in control of your cash flow
  • Fully sync your cards machine with POS for faster payments
  • Reduce accounting errors by reconciling cash
  • Stay up to date on card surcharges at all times

Streamline customer management

  • Develop new customer profiles directly on your POS screen. Clients can layby items and purchase items on credit. You can help keep them coming back with loyalty points.
  • LoyaltyLion boosts brand loyalty. Attach photos or anything to the sale order through POS. Save the environment by e-mailing the customer receipt instead of printing it.

Powerful POS reporting to make better business decisions

  • Analyze your data and get critical insights
  • Track performance of stock, payment types, stores and more
  • Know the inventory status per store
  • See your business in a new light with DEAR Reports
  • One of the most comprehensive store performance reports on the market
  • Get timely insights into sales and inventory trends across all stocks including
  • Register Closure, Report Sales Summary, Report Inventory Report
  • In Transit Report, Product Performance, Report Gift Card Report
  • Payment Type Summary Report, Store Credit Report, Surcharge Report

Encrypted POS Security

Whenever payment data is entered into your POS device, it is encrypted from the moment it arrives. PINs should be set for the POS point if there are multiple terminals.

You can control access to features by assigning roles (Administrator, Cashier, Manager) to each user. You can restrict access to outlets based on who can use them and what they can do. Lock the POS screen automatically by setting the time interval.


Automate order fulfilment and boost productivity

Warehouse Management Systems can help you see everything that is going on inside a warehouse, and DEAR offers the most advanced system. The software communicates wirelessly with your backend to reduce order receiving errors, while handheld scanners verify orders before they are sent out for delivery. And if there’s ever an issue in transit? No problem! These Warehouse Management Services will alert users of discrepancies so everyone knows what’s happening as soon as it happens-saving time by eliminating double handling or waiting around all day long at work wondering when something was shipped


Automating your business is a smart move.

Automation is the key to unlocking your true potential. If you’re ready for automation, we have accounting and inventory software that’s seamlessly connected with every aspect of your business so you can work faster, better – and all on a platform that allows easy scalability too.


Discover the benefits of MRP software

Optimize your manufacturing process, minimize losses and develop winning pricing strategies with Dear System’s bill of materials software.

It’s time to take production to the next level. Enjoy a 360-degree view that tells you everything about what you have on hand — from material costs all the way up through product cost— so that you can make strategic business decisions informed by data like pricing or loss reduction practices.


Keep track of all your jobs in one place

In order to be successful in today’s business world, it is important that you have the data at your fingertips. This includes gauging and managing job performance as well as keeping up-to-date with estimating information.

Dear Systems Job Costing software can provide accurate financial reporting for better management decisions while also boosting profitability by cutting costs and making sure time on projects are profitable.


The right software can help you grow your business to the next level. DEAR SYSTEMS inventory management software centralizes all of the moving parts in one location while automating time-consuming tasks. Whether your business, we have a solution for every aspect of your operation! Contact Software4Business.


The Software4Business company has been a leader in ERP software for over 20 years, and we help companies address current challenges, low-hanging fruit, and most important improvements to efficiencies. The investment you make now will inevitably show up on your bottom line soon enough!

Use the Software4Business team to help you implement and modify Dear Systems workflows and automation. Our customer support and implementation team provide tailored solutions for inventory management businesses. Our pros are to become partners that you can rely on as your technology partner in tackling the problems and aspect that arise in your business.

Software4Business has a team of expert consultants who are experienced in cloud ERP and online retail and e-commerce systems integration, so you can be sure your company’s software needs are being taken care of by people who know what they’re doing!

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