Why is Digital Health Checks (DHC) critical for business survival?

Do you want to know the secret of staying on top of your game? You need digital health checks. They are a way to stay up-to-date with all that is going on in the software world and make sure your business stays relevant. Here we will talk about what exactly they are, how they can help, and why it’s important for you to get one. 

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Have you ever wondered what your company’s digital health looks like? You may feel in the dark when it comes to knowing what software and systems your competitors use, which is why we created our Digital Health Check. Our DHC service offers a way to stay on top of your business’s digital footprint. With all the new business software technology it can be hard to keep up with what is going on. We will show you how your business and systems are performing.

In short, here are 6 bullet points to explain what Digital Health Checks are:

  • It is a thorough review of your business systems and software from an outside source, us.
  • It ensures data quality, system efficiency & a good digital experience for the client and employees.
  • We review your cloud-based or on-premise software to make optimal suggestions about current technologies.
  • We review your business objectives and key performance metrics
  • Why not try our Free Digital Health Check for small-to-medium-sized businesses
Digital Health Checks

Digital Health Checks

Why use us for your Digital Health Check

We are industry experts and our digital health check consists of tools for reviewing existing cloud-based software platforms like Xero or Quickbooks Online, MYOB, Reckon, Inventory solutions, Job costing, Excel, Models, Reports, Shopify, Cin7, Dear Systems, Trade Gecko, ERPs and WooCommerce to name a few. We search and check to see if the software is set up well and in good working order and if it still forms part of your digital strategy. Digital health checks save companies time and energy by ensuring that the updated systems are fully functional and not causing unnecessary problems.

Our DHC service helps develop clear road maps for the implementation of cloud-based software, which assist with training new users on specific features within a certain timeframe*. A Digital health check can also be used to ensure that next-generation leaders are truly capable of handling the task at hand even if that includes social media, digital marketing, or search engine website marketing. Our service is therefore an invaluable tool for businesses with employees who use cloud-based software as part of the Digital transformation process.

Software4Business‘s Digital Health Check services offer companies a chance to develop a clear Digital Roadmap for their employees and give them an overview of how Digital technology can be applied in a cost-effective yet meaningful way.

A digital health check doesn’t just cover data and information but also a client’s experience of using a cloud platform. Our Digital Health check goes beyond the functionality and security associated with a technology solution to include an evaluation of the best use of that technology in line with business objectives & key performance indicators.

Our Digital health check is not just for start-ups, they are also used in established companies to assess the impact of changes to working practices, mostly focussed on operational systems but can also include digital marketing, digital strategy, social media, search engine, website, google, Facebook, mobile, competitive service, mobile, and other technologies already being deployed. We can help you get your health check done and will tell you what is wrong with your business, so you can work on the issues that have been identified.

We offer Digital Health Checks industries and more

We offer Digital Health Checks industries and more

What does our comprehensive Digital Health Check include?

Our comprehensive Digital Health Check service is all about business processes and strategy optimisation. We look at your complete business while digging for content and data across all your various business software to discover the real pain point. We solve duplicate data entry, unfruitful marketing efforts, site services while we find and report on the areas to improve. You receive a clear report that will show how to improve customers engagement, increase sales, rank in search, support staff, and become a business leader in your industry.

Our DHC service is not limited at all, and can be custom-built per customer by including the following: identifying current software, business processes review, identify standard operating procedures, get to know and motivate problematic users, integration errors or opportunities, marketing tools, google search analysis, digital strategy, online presence, support social media, find industry online stats, digital sales, take-home sales, brand value, services and offerings, added value, digital and IT strategy, online and offline ads, improve media files and uniformity, systems report design, emails, website navigation and menu, online form, Facebook ads, Facebook posts.

If needed these can also be included by agreement: SEO, Security, WiFi, Backups, website support, website posts, google my business post, customers retention, company management, newsletter subscriptions, digital marketing results, brand clarification and separation, receive google analytics across and including website analytics, website content creation, identify value, analyse already existing results, provide backlinks and search relevance, mobile search, website content management, target market reach, SEO management, and ultimately value-driven recommendations with a few complete company implementation strategies.

What’s covered by our free digital health check?

We offer our free DHC service to potential customers interested in Cloud based ERP systems, especially to customers of ours who want us to show them how we can help optimise their business processes. Included in our DHC is an analysis of your current online databases and software whether that be Google Analytics or Google Search Console, email marketing, social media, and your website. We’ll provide your DHC report to you through email, so there isn’t a need for anyone to make an effort in preparing any offline reports or data sheets themselves. Our DHC will be delivered with no catch at all, as we ask minimal questions from you during the free DHC process.

We also offer Free Digital Health Checks

We also offer Free Digital Health Checks

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In conclusion

DHC can be a cost-effective way of ensuring that your software is set up and running to its optimum. DHC allows you to identify any issues before they lead to further problems. DHC can also reveal other features of your Digital Software that will save time or improve efficiency. If you would like more information about Software4Business and our services, please do not hesitate to contact Software4Business on 0498 509 217 or email info@software4business.com.au

Author Bio: Hanno Winterbach is the CEO, ERP systems and Digital Marketing Guru at Software4Business.