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Define and achieve your inventory management goals with Cin7 Core' comprehensive platform and expert implementation services.

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Uncover and overcome inventory management obstacles with Cin7 Core' powerful tools and personalized implementation guidance.

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Receive tailored implementation support and expert guidance to create a winning strategy for your inventory management with Cin7 Core.

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Optimise Your Inventory Management with Cin7 Core & Software4Business

Looking to streamline your inventory management and increase profits? Software4Business offers expert implementation and support for Cin7 Core, a powerful cloud-based ERP solution.

With Cin7 Core, you can easily monitor stock levels and transaction trends, making informed decisions on inventory orders to meet demand without excess stock.

If you’re considering DEAR, trust Software4Business to provide the personalised implementation and support you need to succeed.

Benefits of Online Training

Maximise your business potential with Software4Business’ expert implementation and support for Cin7 Core, a cloud-based ERP solution for streamlined inventory management. Access convenient online training and improve your team’s skills and efficiency, boosting your bottom line.

Convenient access

Convenient access to training materials from any location with internet access

Own pace & review material

Ability to work at your own pace and review material as needed


Cost-effective compared to in-person training options

Efficiency & Performance

Improved team efficiency and job performance through increased knowledge and skill development.

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Read What Our Clients Say About Their Experience with Us

We needed to upgrade our business software to one which would allow us to grow! We were spinning our proverbial wheels, gaining customers and losing customers.

Hanno and the team from Software 4 business studied and understood our needs and suggested Dear Systems as a best fit for our organisation. The implementation process was painless with Hanno doing all the heavy lifting before roll over day.

The actual day we swapped systems was very smooth to the extent that we felt comfortable invoicing from the get go!

As our previous system was quite antiquated, Hanno suggested we do our implementation in two stages. The first was to get our organisation using a modern system like Dear and the second stage is to turn on more bells and whistles by adding a CRM and more automation's.

We consider the first stage a resounding success.

Our company had been wanting to move to a more efficient and effective accounting and inventory system that facilitated our move toward on line selling. Over a year, we continued to push out dates as we were intimidated by the task.

Hanno took the time to understand our needs and gain a good understanding of our business and what we wanted to achieve. He recommended Dear inventory system to interface with our existing Xero accounting system and our E-commerce web sites.

Over the next 2 months he worked with us to set up the new Dear system and we went live on July 1st, 2021. The whole experience was very smooth and the end result very satisfying. Our business runs a lot smoother with greatly enhanced automation of transactions, far superior reporting and reduced work flow.

Our on line orders seamlessly populate our accounting, inventory and shipping systems. What a difference Hanno has made and in a relatively short period of time. We would have no hesitation in highly recommending him for any similar projects and would be happy to provide a personal reference.

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