TradeGecko is now called QuickBooks Commerce

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On 23 September, Intuit purchased TradeGecko.

TradeGecko now called Quickbooks Commerce is an online inventory solution that helps small businesses to attract and sell to new customers across multiple channels and grow their business through automation.

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Sell. Ship. Grow. Manage your multi-channel business in one place with QuickBooks Commerce.

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List and manage your products across multiple channels to increase brand awareness and grow your customer base.1 Track inventory and fulfilment across multiple sales channels and locations in one place, so nothing falls through the cracks. Seamless integration across all major e-commerce platforms ensures that product listings, orders, and data stay up-to-date.

Reach more customers, make more sales

  • Add new channels and manage existing ones with seamless inventory integrations.
  • Easily identify your highest-performing products across channels to improve your sales strategy.
Commerce Channels

Optimize your entire operation from one place

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  • Manage orders, track inventory, and improve fulfillment from all channels with a single platform.
  • Get powerful insights into all your sales data on-demand. No more manual data entry.

TradeGecko is now called Quickbooks Commerce

QuickBooks renamed TradeGecko to QuickBooks Commerce, and it is seen as the central hub that businesses have been looking for. Small businesses can now access multiple sales channels, integrate existing ones, manage orders and fulfilment, sync inventory across online and offline channels, avoid stockouts and get profitability insights via standard reports. Quite a few feature, yes?

TradeGecko and Cin7 work a bit like magic, you see things happening and handling, and stock synchronizing on various platforms, and most savvy people will know this is the future of stock management and online sales.

Sell across multiple channels.

QuickBooks Commerce is similar to Cin7, and even though QuickBooks Commerce is still in its early growth stage, they allow businesses to sell across multiple channels. It is, for example, possible to quickly set up a premium e-commerce website like WooCommerce or Shopify that fully integrates back into QuickBooks Commerce and QuickBooks Accounting.

QuickBooks Commerce provides users with an easy way to manage complexities in a single centralized interface because “Attracting and managing customers across multiple sales touchpoints is vital to small business survival — especially now,” said Alex Chriss, EVP and GM of QuickBooks

Meeting customers expectations

“Meeting customers where they are in the new expectation, but small businesses are not set up or resourced to manage this complexity effectively. QuickBooks Commerce helps small businesses grow by helping them sell across more channels while reducing the time they spend on operations.”

By looking at the following statistics, it is easy to see the absolute benefits of using a system like QuickBooks Commerce and Cin7.

To sell and cater to the new post-Covid19 consumer behaviour, Inventory-based business (IBBs) must support how their customers want to shop. Shopping either physically in-store, virtually online or across multiple digital marketplaces like Amazon or e-Bay all in real-time. 

Keeping track of multiple channels

For most small businesses, keeping track of multiple channels is overwhelming and hard to manage. A recent study found that 87% of small businesses that will open in the next 12 months will be online, or a combination of online and offline. However, 84% of IBBs selling in multiple channels still reconcile inventory using pen and paper or spreadsheets. 

Fifty per cent are afraid to add another channel because of the operational complexity. Besides, in a recent survey, 76% of small businesses said that they would love to have a one-stop-shop. The software should manage everything related to their business stock and finances.

Sell on Amazon with QuickBooks Commerce

QuickBooks Commerce will make it easier for both existing and new sellers, to sell on Amazon’s store, reducing complexity in managing sales.

In other words, sellers using Amazon to sell in the Amazon store or on different e-commerce websites can use QuickBooks Commerce.  Importantly, QB Commerce manages these cross-channel so business owners can focus on growing their businesses.

What about Xero and TradeGecko clients?

Firstly, if you are already using Xero Accounting, and don’t want to move to QuickBooks, don’t worry. Intuit will continue supporting existing TradeGecko integration links with Xero as they did with T-Sheets and KeyPay.

Secondly, by using Apps like Cin7 and QuickBooks Commerce with the ability to link the Xero or QuickBooks will make life much more comfortable. Moreover, linking other software solutions like mobile sales, e-commerce and b2b platforms, the future is bright.

The next ERPs are small and Intuit.

Lastly, cloud-based solutions are increasingly outpacing older on-premise ERP systems. Firstly, they offer much easier integration points and secondly lower levels of complexity. In conclusion, the future is here, contact us for an obligation free quote to assist your business to move into the future with confidence and a clear IT strategy.

To sum up, Software4Business would love to help you with choosing and implementing Cin7 or TradeGecko. Give us a call.

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