Every Tradie Needs a Tablet

Every Tradie Needs a Tablet

Every Tradie Needs a Tablet

As you can deduct from the title, we think Every Tradie Needs a Tablet. This article is about Software solutions for Tradie businesses.

The reason for this article is to tell you a bit more about software and services we provide to help Tradie businesses like yours. 

Software solutions for Tradie businesses

We have helped many clients like you for the last 15 years. We know the massive difference the right software makes to a client’s bottom line.

Software4Business offers four different software solutions to caters for various kinds of Tradie businesses.

  1. Servicem8
  2. NextMinute
  3. ABM Service
  4. BuildxAct

The solutions we offer help our clients to:

  1. Have one main go-to business program
  2. Save files and documents in one place.
  3. Look professional and organised
  4. Never miss or double-book a meeting
  5. Access all Job info on PC, iPad or Phone
  6. Have access to a job’s full history.
  7. Quote and Invoice on the go.
  8. Win more clients.
  9. Complete more work.
  10. Get Paid faster and 

Our expertise lies in knowing the ins and outs of each of the solutions and helping you choose the correct one. After that, we work with you or your staff to train them on how to use the software correctly.

Importantly, our solutions are different because of the following Tradie options:

  1. Onsite Checklists – Operations & Safety
  2. Photos and Document Management
  3. Quotes, Invoices and/or Purchase Orders
  4. Job Profit Management
  5. Timesheets
  6. Inventory Management
  7. Staff Scheduling with linked calendars
  8. Online Enquiry and Booking Forms
  9. Reporting and Client Communication
  10. Accounting and Payroll
  11. Client sign-off, GPS tracking…more…
  12. Process tracking with user restrictions

My goal for reaching out to you is to see how our business can help your business to choose and use the right software solution.

By knowing multiple software products, we can offer non-biased solutions that will align with the way you work with your clients, suppliers, staff, administration, payments, and expenses.

In the same vein, our goal is to help you get and use a solution that will guide your business to grow while we offer continuous IT and software support.

We can offer the right software solution

Having the right supplier (that is us) with the right software solution will allow you to grow without worrying about technology, not working or wasting time figuring it out.

We meet many Tradie type businesses that are still using pen and paper or Excel sheets or simple accounting programs to quote and invoice.

After that, if by chance, these businesses do grow, they eventually get stuck with ineffective processes and procedures and often find it hard to switch due to old habits.

In addition, as we now move firmly into the 2020s with Smartphones and iPads 100x more powerful than the Apollo 11, why not make full use of the opportunities it offers. 

Firstly, we understand that not many Tradies are IT geeks and hate sitting behind a desk. That is where we come in.

Secondly, we take care of moving your old business system over to a new system. We also make sure you are fully trained.

Thirdly, the benefit of a new system is it will help you make more money. You will be glad you put in a few hours of learning, as your efforts will save you tons of time.

Lastly, we believe you will save so much time that you will be able to take an extra family vacation and have some admin time to spare. But do not just take our word for it, look at what some clients said.

“Our administration time is cut by over 50%.”
Jade Wortmann
BWE Electrical

“Whoever claims there aren’t enough hours in the day needs the right solution, because my business is more efficient and more profitable than ever.”
Dean Philips
Podger Air-Conditioning

To conclude, if this is you and you’re interested in what we offer, please contact us to have a chat. We want to help your business grow over the next decade. We think Every Tradie Needs a Tablet.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Kind Regards
Hanno Winterbach