2 Easy Steps to Get Started with Inventory Management Using Cin7 and WooCommerce?

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You know that WooCommerce is a powerhouse ecommerce platform for WordPress and that WooCommerce is not just another ecommerce platform. You love WooCommerce because it is built by an established team over the last 20 years and it has integration with many other great business solutions.


But would it not be awesome if this ecommerce platform had another online software feature to work with it? You would be able to automate your online order fulfilment, manage and support the warehouse from anywhere in the world, and more! Software4Business with the help of the Cin7 platform is ready to help you grow your business, easy and hassle-free.

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Here are four reasons why you should consider our proposition:

Automate your order fulfilment

Cin7 software automatically syncs and saves WooCommerce orders as they are placed. The data is instantly available for easy picking, packing, shipping, emailing customers, or invoicing!

With Cin7, you can manage your business from anywhere – whether you’re at home or abroad while on vacation, you can easily access reports and manage your stock. Plus if it ever comes to creating new items, you can add items and then add them to customer orders in just a few clicks. These items then Sync across to WooCommerce.

Automate your solutions- Cin7’s SmartBuyer feature knows that certain products might run out soon and will automatically create purchase orders for those products when they reach specific levels. You’ll never have any product go “out of stock” again!

Be the boss of your inventory in minutes: set it and forget it.

As mentioned, Cin7 will automatically create new WooCommerce orders for you so that your inventory is fully linked, stocked and ready to go. So there’s no need to worry about the back-end of WooCommerce, qty management, as all of the software integrates perfectly! Pricing, Qty, Description and more.

Make inventory management easy for you and your customers.

No more unhappy customer, no more out-of-stock products. Your company won’t ever have to worry about an online customer being unhappy because you can’t fulfil their WooCommerce order or they don’t know what’s happening with their items! Cin7 is the system for all of these problems and so much more!

Let us show you how WooCommerce online data and Cin7 integrations work. With our Cin7 Management Software, we will show you the four main benefits of using such software for your business and more for free.

Get a free demo with Hanno, our company Software4Business’s Cin7-WooCommerce integration specialists today.

This post talked about the benefits of getting inventory management software to work with your WooCommerce ecommerce platform. Cin7 has four main advantages for online that are hard to match with competitive solutions. It is important that businesses make sure they are taking care of their integrations as far as possible because if an item goes “out-of-stock”, it will make your customers unhappy. Hanno from Software4Business has a free demo to show you how this all works!

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