Unleashing Efficiency with Cin7 Core, The Digital Successor to Dear Systems

Welcome back, enthusiasts of process efficiency and streamlining! Let us dive into the digital ocean of Cin7 Core, the modern evolution of DEAR Systems, and explore a game-changing feature fresh off the development lines. With a striking balance between simplicity and complexity, Cin7 Core is set to redefine business efficiency with its suite of tools. And, the icing on the cake is our focus today – the ‘Awaiting Approval’ status filter.




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Cin7 Core awaiting approval


Introducing the ‘Awaiting Approval’ Status Filter – A Revolutionary Feature in Cin7 Core

In this era of relentless innovation, Cin7 Core unveils the ‘Awaiting Approval’ status filter. This newly launched feature is engineered to drastically alter how you oversee your sales and purchases. A feature that was once solely accessible when Core to Core Networking was enabled, is now ready for action irrespective of the status of order or quote approval.

Breathing Life into Sales and Purchase Modules with the ‘Awaiting Approval’ Status Filter

A Paradigm Shift in Sales and Purchase Management

Visualize the convenience of efficiently segregating your sales and purchases based on their ‘Awaiting Approval’ status.
This innovative update isn’t just a feature change; it’s a paradigm shift that guarantees a fluid and hiccup-free workflow, proving to be a boon for all Cin7 users!


image2 awaiting approval

Focussed look at the feature


Simplifying Cin7 Login and Quote Approval with Intuitive Design

Rolling Out the Red Carpet for the ‘Awaiting Approval’ Status Filter

Before you leap to harness the power of this novel feature, some prerequisites require your attention. Start by logging into your Cin7 account. Once inside, enable quote approval by navigating to ‘Settings’, selecting ‘General settings’, then proceeding to ‘Sale process customisation’ or ‘Purchase process customisation’.

image2 awaiting approval step by step

cin7 core-awaiting-approval-step-by-step

Configuring User Access Rights in Cin7 Core

For the ‘Awaiting Approval’ filter to function, it is imperative to set user access rights accordingly. Essentially, the approval setting must be disabled. If this sounds complex, don’t worry! Cin7 Help, available through Cin7 Academy, can guide you through this process, ensuring a smooth transition.

Unleashing the Full Potential of Cin7 API

Harnessing the Power of the ‘Awaiting Approval’ Status Filter

The functionality of this feature is simple yet robust. The ‘Awaiting Approval’ status can be selected from the status filter dropdown menu when examining your sales or purchase list. This addition significantly simplifies the tracking of your orders awaiting approval, thus enhancing your control over the sales and purchase processes.


image4 awaiting approval all filters

Where the filter will be displayed exactly


The Cin7 Omni Experience – An Example Workflow

Utilizing ‘Awaiting Approval’ Status Filter in Real-time

To illustrate the practical application of this feature, consider this workflow scenario: When logged in with a limited user account, the creation of a Quote enables its Authorisation. However, an additional layer of approval is still required. This sales order or quote now becomes visible in the list of items requiring approval, making it easy for managers to swiftly locate and approve or reject orders.

Approve or Reject with Ease Using Cin7 Core

Cin7 Core’s comprehensive design also allows you to approve or reject an order using the mass action menu when listing orders. The API ensures that these processes run seamlessly, adding to the charm of this versatile feature.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Business with Cin7 Core

From Dear Cin7 to Cin7 Core: A Journey Towards Process Excellence

Our journey from Dear Systems to Cin7 Core is laden with innovations like the ‘Awaiting Approval’ status filter, tailored to smoothen your workflow. As we walk into the future together, we’re excited for the limitless possibilities Cin7 Core opens up for your business. Remember, the key to success lies in innovation and productivity.

Software4Business – Your Companion in the Digital Journey

For any assistance in your journey towards process efficiency, don’t hesitate to reach out to Software4Business. And, until our next update, continue to innovate and strive for efficiency.

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