Ensuring Cin7 Uptime and Recent Updates and in your busiest time

The last thing you would want during this big holiday shopping season starting with Black Friday on November 27 2020, is a wavering Cin7 Uptime and recent updates not working. So Cin7 have taken steps to ensure you can handle any sales spikes that come your way and they also added a few product updates for good measure.

Here is a break down with need to know info about Ensuring Cin7 Uptime and Recent Updates For October 2020. Enjoy.

Cin7 have quadrupled their server capacity to process orders and enhanced back-end processing efficiency to better handle large volumes of concurrent transactions. Similar steps they took in 2019 led to 100% uptime through the entire holiday shopping period. We all, Cin7 clients and consultants alike, can look forward to helping our businesses running smoothly again this busy shopping season!

BigCommerce Integration: Discounts on Line Items

Cin7 customers using BigCommerce now get a detailed view of product discounts. With this update, discounts applied to products in BigCommerce now appear for each line item in a Cin7 sales order. Cin7 previously displayed only the sum total of discounts for a sales order.

Shiptheory API Update

Cin7 has just moved to the latest version of Shiptheory’s API. While this update doesn’t come with any new features, it keeps Cin7 working seamlessly for customers that integrate with Shiptheory.

Amazon US Marketplace Tax Collection

Cin7 have made it easier for US customers to handle orders when Amazon is required by law to collect and pay sales taxes on your behalf. Now, Cin7 downloads Amazon orders as “Tax Exempt” whenever Marketplace Facilitator (MPF) laws apply. (Read our help page for more information about MPF.) This update automatically prevents duplicate tax figures from being uploaded to your accounting software.