HubSpot CRM and Cin7 Core: How to Easily Connect HubSpot with Dear Systems

It is common for us to be asked this question: “Does Cin7 Core work with HubSpot?”  

Yes, Cin7 Core (aka Dear Systems) integrates with HubSpot.

How to Connect Dear Systems to HubSpot CRM

Are you tired of manually transferring data between your Dear Systems and HubSpot CRM? You’re in luck, because in just a few simple steps you can easily connect the two systems and streamline your data flow. Let’s get started!

What is HubSpot CRM?

HubSpot CRM is a best-in-class customer relationship management tool that can help your business with marketing, sales, and service delivery, enabling your business to grow without compromise.

Connecting Dear Systems to HubSpot CRM

To begin the integration, log in to your Dear Systems account and go to the Integrations tab. Search for HubSpot CRM and click on Connect. Make sure to have your HubSpot account open and select the correct account if you have more than one.

Enable Synchronization

Once you have clicked on Connect, you will be prompted to enable synchronization. This will allow you to update sales, products, and customers between the two systems. You can specify the direction of the updates, whether you want to import from or export to HubSpot. You can also choose to force updates on HubSpot entities. However, it is recommended to disable the force DEAR entity update setting to prevent errors.

Custom Field Linking

Dear Systems and HubSpot CRM custom fields can be linked to streamline your data flow. This integration can be easily managed within the Dear Systems integration tab.

Error Management

If any errors occur, don’t worry. Simply go to the log tab where you can download an Excel file and investigate potential issues.

Marketing Campaigns

With this integration, your marketing team can create targeted campaigns in HubSpot CRM based on customer data from Dear Systems. This will help improve lead generation and customer engagement.

Connect Today!

Now that you know how to connect Dear Systems to HubSpot CRM, what are you waiting for? Take your business to the next level with this streamlined integration.


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