The new Xero invoicing screen is simply …

Teenagers say taste differs. And we think they are right. But is this also true for the new Xero invoicing screen? The latest Xero release features a new Sales Invoice User Interface or Screen update which we think is cleaner, simpler and easier to navigate.

Many users will, however, find it frustrating to use if they do not know where to look. In this short article, we will show you how to make the switch to the new cleaner Xero invoicing interface, including how it differs from the old screen, and where to make changes to your header fields and branding options. Feel free to also explore some of our other products and services we offer like Cin7, Dear ERP and Trade Gecko implementations.

The new Xero invoicing screen is simpler and cleaner

It is obvious that the new screen is simple, elegant and clean. But where did all the options and previous buttons go? Maybe we should first look at the previous screen to spot the differences. Below is an example of the very clean and basic new screen.

New Invoice Screen clean
New Invoice Interface

Previous Xero Sales Invoice Screen

Old Invoice Screen
Old invoice interface / screen

Comparing the old and new Xero Sales Invoice Interfaces

New Invoice Screen
New interface

When comparing the two interfaces, we see the new interface is much cleaner with hidden fields. These values are only visible when you interact with them.

Invoice Line Detail

The point in case is the invoice line’s GL account, Tax rate and Region. They are mostly hidden until you type values into the line detail section. Additionally, there is also the Item code. Users can still type in the code to search for an item. It works just as well.

GONE: Exclusive Inclusive Button 

When you look carefully at Xero’s New Sales Invoice screen, you will also notice that the old setting “Amounts are: Exclusive / Inclusive” is not showing anymore. This can still, however, be set in the invoice setting section. 

ADDED: Online payments

A new option has been added in, to revolutionize again and standardise e-invoicing and online payments. This was not something new as such, but it has been made much more prominent and visible.


Reducing clicks here and there is by no means a major issue for most people, but if you have to type in many invoice rows and do it more than a few times a day, those seconds add up. That is why this next suttle improvement is a great feature.

You will notice that the old “Add a new line” button is not showing up anymore. Instead, a new empty line is ready for accepting information when you are. This simple improvement will undoubtedly make a lot of people more productive.


The invoice settings are still pretty much in the same place, but you did not know where to look, it can be easy to miss. Again, this might be the very thing that will drive people to this article, as it is not as clear as to where the New Xero Sales Invoice Screen is using them.


Users now have the ability to show and hide invoice header fields they want to show. To accomplish this, click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner of your invoice screen (see the previous image), and then choose “Change invoice fields”.

Your options are Reference, Invoice Number, Issued, Due Date, Quantity, Price and Tax Amount. You are also welcome to reference this article. See the image below:

Invoice Field Settings
Change invoice header field visibility


To make even more changes to your invoice, click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner of your invoice screen (see the previous image), and then choose Invoice Settings. The following screen (or similar) will appear.

Changing Invoice Settings
Invoice Branding Theme Settings

Click on the top right options button and then select Edit. The additional branding theme options, including the previous setting to set exclusive and inclusive amounts, will be available for configuration as shown below.

Invoice Settings Global 1
Branding Theme Settings


Even more, Xero Invoice and form customization can be made by downloading an MS Word-like document then make some changes on there. These documents are traditionally specifically meant for external customer-facing forms and their design layouts like invoices, and statements etc.

They can easily be changed if you know what you are doing. We will cover this in a separate article, but for professional assistance by experienced consultants, please feel free to ask us to help you to do this. Nothing screams unprofessional like a badly-designed proposal, quote, invoice or statement.