What is Dear Systems you might say? Well, we are glad you asked. Most small businesses struggle with inventory management. It’s a time-consuming task and one that is often left to the last minute. This makes it difficult to optimize stock levels. DEAR Systems however automates the most time-consuming aspects of inventory management so you can focus on growing your business instead of just managing it.

In addition, Dear Systems has powerful reporting features that allow you to analyze sales trends and make better decisions about what products sell best at what times.

Dear System’s easy-to-use interface gives you instant visibility into stock levels and order status for up-to-the-minute knowledge of your inventory positions across all locations in real-time. Dear also provides automated processes that save you time while keeping your stock right where it needs to be – reducing costly mistakes like overstocking or understocking items based on past history by using predictive analytics from machine learning algorithms combined with human intelligence. What else?

1. Dear Systems is an inventory management system that provides instant visibility into stock levels 

Inventory management systems can be a necessary evil. They’re typically expensive, cumbersome to set up and require extensive training on how to use them. But NOT Dear Systems. Dear was designed to simplify business by making inventory management easy for everyone in the supply chain, including manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers. 

Dear Systems is an inventory management system that provides instant visibility to your customer’s orders, stock on hand and supplier’s purchase orders coming in. With Dear systems, you will be able to track sales, analyze previous orders and manufacture from raw material to finished goods. All from within one cloud-based platform! 

Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to see which products sell well, and which ones don’t? Wouldn’t it be better yet if your customers could buy online, at their price point without having to wait for them to come into the store, or emailing an order through? With Dear Systems this becomes a reality. 

Stock replenishment is also easy. To get a better idea of the future, Dear allows you to look back at your history. This means tracking inventory and ordering patterns. What Dear Systems will allow you to do, is free yourself from pen and paper or clunky spreadsheets that don’t work with your workflow anyway, and optimize stock levels resulting in more free cash flow! 

3. With the ability to create unlimited barcodes, you can track items from purchases through to sales 

As a small business owner, you understand the importance of keeping track of your inventory. It’s not just about one more tool to help you succeed. Your ability to keep track of inventory is essential when it comes time to analyze sales trends, promotions and purchasing. These tools are critical in helping you assess where your money is going each month – which can be very useful for planning future purchases and sales, especially if you’re getting close to being out of stock on a particular item. 

To facilitate optimization, Dear Systems creates barcodes that you can easily print out when stock arrives, and use them throughout the life cycle of your product, from warehouse receipting to retail outlet sales. The system works with all kinds of inventory types, such as physical, service, gift cards, bill-of-material and non-inventory items. 

Barcode scanning and inventory management systems have been around for decades. They were originally designed to make tracking products easier on a large scale, but they’re also incredibly useful in smaller businesses where an employee is responsible for purchasing, picking, stock takes, and selling items directly to customers. Dear Systems will help almost everyone in the organization to use the barcode function and increase efficiency.  

4. You’ll never have to worry about running out of product again 

We can all relate to the annoying feeling when we run out of products to sell! But with Dear Systems, that will never happen. Dear allows you to stock up on products automatically based on the “Minimum Before Reorder” and “Reorder Quantity” fields.  

The issue of running out of stock to sell is a serious problem that could easily be solved. Dear Systems is amazing in optimizing purchase order fulfilment. This allows you to optimize ordering and save money on the items that are most needed at any given time. By using Dear, you will be able to make sure that your inventory is always stocked when the orders come in. 

5. There are way more things to list, too many for this quick article.

  • Simplify inventory management by managing all aspects of the process in one place
  • Automate time consuming tasks and save your team valuable hours
  • Keep track of every aspect of your business with comprehensive reports
  • Eliminate redundancies, increase efficiency, and have fewer errors