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In Advanced Business Manager there are a number of switches available which implement non-documented features.

Some of these may be useful to users and have therefore been listed below. The order is by time implemented so please note that some are superseded by newer switches or have been introduced into the standard functionality of ABM.

Please consult with us as your preferred local ABM support partner before implementing any of these switches as they may not be appropriate for your particular site or requirement.  Please take note of the disclaimer.

NoOutlookOn startup prompt, ABM will not show outlook for users without outlook.
[version 9.3/10]
Suppress Direct Debit warning messages for customers without bank accounts.
[version 9.3/10]
ABM will not refresh the customer list after “Save & Close”, which will reduce the loading time for large customer lists.
TrackOnSale      Allows purchases of serial tracked items without the serial number being specified at the time of purchase. This switch is not supported in databases using Warehousing Module.
QuoteLocations   Allows locations to be specified on sales quotes
PrintBackOrders  On sales deliveries and invoices, prints lines not delivered or invoiced but still on back order
TSMInUse         TSM is being used with ABM. Prevents users from using the same codes for customers and suppliers.
SkipBuyPrice     Causes purchases to not update product buying prices. Used with Import Costing
PostToControlsAllows direct posting to control accounts. This causes control accounts to not balance with their subsidiary ledgers.
HideOtherLocationsUsers with multiple sites can use this to ensure that operators at each site see only those customers and suppliers “owned” by that site.
BulkPayNoSortIn “Pay Multiple Suppliers” this switch brings up outstanding items much faster but they will not be sorted by date.
DefaultDateBackDefaults the transaction date back to the end of the current reporting period if the user is posting forward into the next period.
SuggestOneSupplierThe suggest order facility in purchases will look at only the first supplier in the purchasing section for each product, not all suppliers of the product
AvoidClosedPeriodsAutomatically re-dates transactions to today’s date if the operator has tried to post into a closed period. Normally a warning is displayed and the operator has a choice to make.
EnterInvoiceNumbersAlthough sequential invoice numbers are being used, the operator is able to override them with a manually entered invoice number which is not in the sequence.
ABM Sales display the sales order number as soon as the customer is selected, when entering new sales orders. This is not a standard feature because, if a sales order is cancelled before it is processed then the SO number may be skipped if another user has started entering a SO.
ShowPONumber Will display the purchase order number as soon as the supplier is selected, when entering new purchase orders. This is not a standard feature because, if a purchase order is cancelled before it is processed then the PO number may be skipped if another user has started entering a PO.
UseTemplateIf a customer has a quote which has a status of “Template” then all subsequent invoices to that customer will appear as shown on the quote and can then be modified.
DeliveryUseMailingThe customer’s mailing address is always used as the delivery address even if a delivery address exists for the customer.
FreezeSalesOrdersPrevents pre-entered order quantities being changed when a sales invoice or delivery is being processed
ImportTimesheetAdds an extra button in timesheets which allows timesheets to be imported from CSV files.
VoidWithAccessAllows transaction voiding to be used on MS Access databases
NoBankRecVoidStops transaction voiding in bank reconciliation
PrintBackOrdersInserts details of line items into Zsales_invoices even if the quantity is zero. This is to enable users to print back orders on the sales form.
All batches are only calculated once the Save and Close button is clicked on the Organise Stocktake Screen. Otherwise each batch is calculated the minute you click the save button on the new/edit batch screen.
WarnSalesQuantityWarns the user if the sales invoiced quantity or delivered quantity is greater than the ordered quantity.
FulfillInvoiceAsOrdercauses the order number to be used as the invoice number in the Fulfillment wizard.
ShowDirectDebitcauses an extra ”Direct Debit” button to appear in the customer view screen in order to enter customer bank details including BSB code and account number. This enables receipts by direct debit via customer receipts -> Process Direct Debits.
ShortProductCodelimits product codes to 15 characters. This is for users who are linking ABM to the MYOB Retail Manager Point of Sale program which will not handle product codes longer than 15 characters.
UseStaffRatesWhen this is applied, a cost rate, a charge rate and unit of measure can be set directly onto each staff record instead of using the rates table.
FulfillByDateAllows the user to select orders to be fulfilled by their order date
SpecialsAreForeignAll special prices are assumed to be in the foreign currency when applied to a foreign sale for an associated Customer group.
DeliverToProspectsThe “Deliver to Customer” menu selection in sales includes customers in the prospects list. This allows users to set up a list of delivery addresses.
Show4DecimalQuantitiesRounds the quantities on inventory transactions to 4 decimals. The standard is 2 decimals.
UseUniqueSpecialsIf a special price has been set up for a specific customer for a specific product then this price will always be used, ignoring all other tables such as Discounts.Definition of UseUniqueSpecialsThe switch applies to a special price or discount set for a combination of a Specific Customer and Specific Product and will apply to that customer and product irrespective of other discount or special prices tables.Notes:1.       Therefore, if the switch is applied and a special price or discount is set for a specific customer and product then discounts based on groups or categories will be ignored.2.       If a special price is set for a customer and a specific product, and this price is higher than the normal price for the product, then the special price will apply even though it is a higher price.3.       If a special price applies and is higher than the normal price less a discount set for that customer then the higher price will apply.4.       As the switch is designed to use Unique prices it will not apply the same rules as the normal special prices and therefore higher prices could be applied.
DefaultOSItemsWhen viewing a customer/supplier, ABM will default to showing the outstanding items rather than the history.
UseLocationHoldsStops the issue of products from a location which has the word (Hold) as part of its title. This is used where goods are placed in locations which can not be sold.
LockStocktakeValueStops the user from changing the cost prices during a stock take.
BackToBackAllCreates a Back To Back order irrespective of the quantity available for that product.
DisableEmailDisplaySends the email automatically rather than displaying beforehand.
NoShadingOnReportscauses boxes to not be shaded on reports
BMPRegResetIf logo is not printing correctly due to registry setting being set to display BMP files as other formats then this will cause the bitmap registry values to be reset back to their original values after the form is printed
EnterClaimQuantitiesIn Project Invoicing this will allow the Quantity  or Charge amount to be increased above the quantity or charge displayed.
QuickSaleShowNameThe program will print as the customer name the contents of the reference box if anything has been entered here. If the reference box is empty then the account name will be printed.
DefaultPrinterForPreviewThe correct printer for the form will not be set if the document is previewed, and the workstation’s default printer would be used instead.
LimitAutoSaveSpecialsLimits the ability to add special prices to only the specific customer and product being sold.
OrderNoIsBinNoIf a bin number exists with the same number as the customer order then the bin number will automatically default to this number for selection of the products from the bin
UnformattedDeliveryAddressThis will not format the delivery address in Transheaders.ExtraText so that customers delivery address does not have blank street address removed and state and postcode are not combined.
BigProductNamesAllows Product titles to be entered up to 100 characters. Note: data entry will remain the same and user will need to manually scroll across the title field to enter the full title.
CalcSpecialsByGroupABM will look up the special price or discount based on the total quantity of all items in the order which are in the same group. NOTE: This will not work if any of the lines of the products are 0.00 price. If the product is in the same group it will change the 0.00 price to the special price.
CalcSpecialsByCategoryABM will look up the special price or discount based on the total quantity of all items in the order which are in the same category
Populates the ZSales_Deliveries table when an invoice transaction is created. ABM 7 removed this original functionality so they implemented a switch to bring it back.
Delete many products utility to log individual product deletions in the activity log. Introduced in ABMBulkDeleteProducts
When using Branches module product locations tab to only show stock available in branch location. Introduced in ABMCentral
Stops ABM automatically assembling kits from components when there is insufficient stock of the finished kit. Introduced in ABMSales.exe

When you add a line in any sales transaction, any line item fields default to the values entered on the previous line. In response to user requests, the new switch “NoCustomDefaultsInSales” stop the defaults happening. Introduced ABM 7 Service Pack 3For Example if you Add a TransDetails custom text field, do an invoice, enter the first line, populate the custom field and hit next line. The text entered on line one defaults on the next line unless you use the switch

CopyQueryA switch has been added which allows channel partners to see how ABM calculates the data shown in the various master file and transaction lists. The switch is “CopyQuery” (case does not matter). With this switch activated, ABM will copy to the clipboard the query it uses to display any list. So, if you wanted to know how (say) free stock is worked out you would display the product list, add the field using the column chooser, start up SQL Server Management Studio, click on New Query and select Control-V to paste. You will then see the full query, including the free stock sub-query, which you can then use as you wish.Some channel partners may be aware that this feature used to be part of the “Diagnose” switch but has now been separated to avoid the other aspects of “Diagnose”. Introduced ABM 7 Service Pack 3
HideTranTotalsifGroup>Nwhere N can be from 1 to 99 has been implemented in ABMCentral

This is to cause transaction lists to not show totals if the user’s group number is higher than that specified in the switch
ABM by default switches to GridMode when a list is greater than 11K. The column filters are disabled but list retrieval performance is enhanced. GridMode case doesn’t matter and 12345 is the number of items in all lists at which ABM will switch to grid mode. Commonly used if the site wants to push up the 11K limit so they still get the column filters and is willing to pay a price for performance. Works with ABM 7 SP2 +
UseSmallDefaultsThis enables you to enter less than 1 as the Qty to invoice and it will auto fill the other boxes with the fraction. The drawback and why it was not published previously is it will not allow negative quantities on an invoice.
ASMTransferPrefSupplierIntroduced in ABM Service 5.22.1024.1704.To allow Extended Service Products Used function to use preferred supplier cost
WarnLowSalesQtyIntroduced in ABMSales.exe the user that the qty invoiced is lower than the qty delivered and qty ordered
NoKitAutoStripIntroduced in ABMSales.exe to prevent the automatic breakdown of returned kits where the NoKitAutoAssemble switch is not in use.
BlankDefaultCostCentresIntroduced in ABMPurchases.exe Invoice to Job. When this switch in use will not allow cost centre to be blank.The switch does not allow blanksThe switch STARTS lines off with a blank cost centre so that users do not save to some random cost centre – THEY HAVE to selectIt checks on both Next line and on save and close/save and new 
UseLastMarginABMSales.exe will use the last cost of the product instead of the average cost of the product when calculating the margin on the sales/order/delivery/invoice entry screen. The % button on this screen calculates the margin according to last cost if switch is implemented
NoBankMatchingIf NoBankMatching is used then ABM will not attempt to match the imported transactions on the Bank Reconciliation Import Transactions QIF feature
AllowNewTrackOnReturnWill allow new Serial/Lot number to be entered on Credit/ReturnABMSales.exe 
ShowZeroProductTransfersWarehousing ModuleWhen you transfer from bin to bin within one location there is now a single 0 qty record. If you don’t have the switch, the movement  record is hidden.  The way it used to work was two records, one with neg qty and one with positive qty.
SupplierRefCarryOverABMPurchases.exe Reference to carry over from order to delivery or invoiceLoads the reference for all other transactions if you have the switch SupplierRefCarryOver present and if you have not already typed in a new reference before loading the transaction
When you add a line in any purchase transaction, any line item fields default to the values entered on the previous line. In response to user requests, the new switch “NoCustomDefaultsInPurchases” stop the defaults happening.For Example if you Add a TransDetails custom text field, do an invoice, enter the first line, populate the custom field and hit next line. The text entered on line one defaults on the next line unless you use the switch.
Introduced in ABMPurchases.exe
OnePrintJobForPrintedStatementsABMReporting.exe now creates one print job for all printed documents when sending to customers or suppliers
AllowBulkTransferToDoManualBatchesABM 9.3 If you save a transfer in a batch for later, (Transfer A Few), then using the switch the batch will be available for selection in Bulk Transfers module.
DeadLockDelay1Causes ABM to wait 1 second between retries in the event of a deadlock
DeadLockDelay5Causes ABM to wait 5 second between retries in the event of a deadlock
DeadLockDelay20Causes ABM to wait 20 second between retries in the event of a deadlock
DeadLockDelaySortCauses ABM to sort sales lines into UniqueID order before processing them
[version 9.3]
Causes ABM to not refresh any account list (in ABMCentral) after the user opens and then Saves and Closes an account. Designed to avoid unnecessary delays reloading the list when the change the user has made to the account doesn’t need to be displayed on the list immediately. 
AllowFutureTradingAllows the user to enter a date and post a transaction to a financial period more then 1 period ahead of the current reporting period. 
[version 10]
When using Warehousing, then allow non-warehousing bin option within Products > Locations.
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