The new Dear Inventory and HubSpot Integration

Dear Inventory and HubSpot
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Dear Inventory and Hubspot Integration

The new Dear Inventory and Hubspot integration functions are discussed in this article. However, first, let’s look back at where we have come from.

Dear Inventory and Hubspot

Watch the video we made abbout how to set up your Dear Inventory and Hubspot

Traditional ERP Systems

ERP has traditionally been known for being Stock, CRM, Accounting and Manufacturing systems. And they still are, but the paradigm shift is here and things are moving fast. Cloud ERP Systems like DEAR inventory has recently become one of my favourite software to implement. The power is magnificent and the integration is truly groundbreaking. Cloud ERP systems really has everything going for it, and old Traditional ERP system wheels are falling off the bus.

The advent of Cloud CRM systems

The advent of Cloud CRM systems such as Capsule, Salesforce and Hubspot have set the stage for working in the cloud since 2010. You may remember Sugar CRM or VTiger from around 12 years ago. They were one of the first companies to host their functionality on Apache servers, which allowed IT specialists around the world to install the deploy instances quickly and effortlessly.

Cloud ERP and CRM System Integration

In contrast, the ERP and CRM systems integration model has only recently reached maturity. Even though cloud-based CRM was the most mature cloud technology a few years ago, using Cloud ERP and Cloud CRM together became logical only when compared to having to type data into multiple systems, such as your office-based invoicing system like Myob, or Reckon.

Import from Hubspot (pull) or export to Hubspot (push).

Herein lies the purpose of this article, explaining how the Dear Inventory and Hubspot integration works. The purpose of this document is to provide you with an idea and a few screenshots that illustrate the setup between Dear Inventory and Hubspot. This recently updated integration is a great addition to the platform and opens doors for enterprise clients who wish to combine one of the best CRM systems on the market with one of the best cloud-based inventory management platforms available.

Allow me to sketch the scenario. As a sales professional, you enjoy managing your pipeline and need to follow up on current and potential sales opportunities frequently. To begin with, if you use HubSpot to manage customer data, you will know that some customers are just tire kickers. You should not include them in the main invoicing system. Thus, HubSpot clients are only exported to Dear once they reach a certain stage within your Pipeline. All of this can be configured, and that is great.

Additionally, products can be selected and exported to HubSpot in order to enable the quote feature. When the Dear Inventory and Hubspot Deal reaches a certain stage in Hubspot, you can convert it to a Quote in Hubspot, which will consequently be imported into Dear along with the appropriate customer, address and item data. Furthermore, as you might expect from the previous point, HubSpot orders can be imported into Dear.

In spite of the fact that the integration between Dear Inventory and HubSpot will work both ways, you will still need to decide whether you want data to be pulled (imported from HubSpot) or pushed (exported from Dear).
As an example, when using Dear, you can import data from Hubspot (pull) or export data to Hubspot (push). The system is designed in this way to prevent duplicate records and to facilitate a more manageable process.

The Cost of Hubspot Sales Pro

You can count the DEAR-HUBSPOT integration as free if it falls within the two free integrations points you get with your Dear Inventory subscription. A typical client uses about three (3) integrations per month. Therefore, I recommend budgeting $25 per month (prices Feb 2022) for an additional API integration point.

A CRM like HubSpot can be fairly affordable, depending on how you use it and what you’ve enabled. Having said that, if you want to integrate products and orders with Hubspot to and/or from Dear, you need the SALES PRO version. The first 5 users are free, but the monthly fee is $450. Those who do not want the SALES PRO version can still integrate customer information into DEAR. For a single user, HubSpot costs around $22, but it will not allow you to create quotes that integrate back to Dear. In order to do so, you must purchase HubSpot Sales Pro.

In the following sections, you can see some of the settings and interfaces we configured while setting this up. You can reach out to me for help with your current or potential Dear Systems project.

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